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About USA Mega

If you're looking for a high-quality provider of lottery information, results, news, games, and resources, then you've come to the right place!

We've been in business since May, 2000, when we launched our web site,  In the months that followed, we became widely recognized as the only comprehensive resource for the Mega Millions multi-state lottery (then known as The Big Game).  Later, as we continued to add rich content and functionality and improved our site design, both visually and in the technology behind the scenes, we became considered one of the premier lottery sites on the Internet.

Our industry recognition includes honors such as Yahoo!'s Incredibly Useful Site of the Day and technology achievements such as the Golden Web Award from The International Association of Web Masters and Designers.  However, our most prized honors come from our readers, whose feedback has been a constant source of help and inspiration.

During our first year, we also expanded our operations to another major lottery Web site, Lottery Post.  Although Lottery Post was initially created as just a lottery forum, we later expanded it to include a full range of lottery information and functionality for every lottery game in the USA, and many around the globe.  And we created a lottery news section that is included in most major Internet news services, such as Google News, Yahoo News, and Moreover news service.

Lottery Post has since grown to become the most popular non-government lottery Web site on the Internet, even receiving more daily traffic than 94% of all government lottery Web sites.  Lottery Post is currently ranked approximately #3,300 out of every Web site on the planet (there are currently about 200 million Web sites out there). If you search Google for a lottery — for example, searching "pa lottery" to find the Pennsylvania Lottery — you will likely find the official site listed #1 and Lottery Post listed #2.

In May 2002, we made extensive changes to to accommodate the transition from The Big Game to Mega Millions.  Changes to the game included larger number pools, revised prize structure, and new odds calculations.

Our latest change involved a top-to-bottom Web site change, in which we even changed our name!  In September, 2004, we launched USA Mega, which added the "other" USA multi-state game to our content.  Every function that was previously available for Mega Millions was made available for Powerball as well.

We chose our new name after a great deal of consideration.  We feel it provides a good balance between an easy-to-remember name and a good description of our content, plus it reflects our roots.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments we welcome your feedback!  Visit our Contact page for a list a contact sources.

Good luck!

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