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Jackpot Alert

Never miss out on a huge jackpot again!

This helpful feature will inform you when The Mega Millions and/or Powerball jackpot reaches the size you specify.  For example, if you specify $50 million and Mega Millions, we will send you an e-mail when the Mega Millions jackpot is $50 million or greater.

To sign up, just enter your e-mail address and alert level.  If you want to know the jackpot size every drawing, just set the alert level to "Any Size Jackpot".

Your privacy is our primary concern.  We will never give your e-mail address to any other person or company, and we will never send you unsolicited e-mail.  For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

*E-mail address:

Alert Level:

  Send me Mega Millions jackpot alerts (sent Wednesdays and Saturdays)

  Send me Powerball jackpot alerts (sent Thursdays and Sundays)

  Send me announcements of major events, features, and contests


Note: Your Jackpot Alert e-mail will contain both a graphical and a plain text version inside the e-mail, so if your e-mail device is not capable of viewing graphical e-mails, it should automatically use the plain text version.  If you want to manually choose the graphical or plain text version, your e-mail software should have an option that will allow you to choose.  For example, in Outlook Express there is a checkbox option in the "Read" tab of the Options window to turn on plain text display.

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