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Mega Millions Drawing Detail

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This page provides all available information for the Mega Millions lottery drawing on Friday, August 01, 2014.
Jackpot Annuity Value:$87 Million See Jackpot Analysis
Jackpot Cash Value:$51.2 Million
Drawing Results:
13 · 29 · 34 · 37 · 72
Mega Ball: 6
Drawing Video:See video in new window
Prize Winners:

Jackpot Winners: None

Second Prize Winners: None

Jackpot Winners (All States)

Match First 5
Match Mega Ball
No. of
Prize AmountTotal Awarded
  5 + 1 (Jackpot)0$87,000,000$0

Secondary Prizes

Note: This prize table is not precisely accurate, because the California prize amounts are not yet published.  (California has pari-mutuel prize amounts for each prize level, as opposed to all other Mega Millions states, which have the fixed prize amounts shown below.)  The table below includes the number of winners in California, but does not include the correct prize amounts for California winners.  When the California Lottery releases this drawing's prize information, we will split out the prize amounts and number of winners for each prize category in California separately from the rest of the Mega Millions states.

Match First 5
Match Mega Ball
No. of
Prize AmountTotal Awarded
  5 + 00$1,000,000$0
  4 + 10$5,000$0
  4 + 00$500$0
  3 + 10$50$0
  3 + 00$5$0
  2 + 10$5$0
  1 + 10$2$0
  0 + 10$1$0
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